Melissa Ohden, LISW

Abortion Survivor, Founder of The Abortion Survivor’s Network, Pro-Life Speaker and Activist, Writer

Imagine a place where women’s life-giving and life-nurturing abilities are embraced and supported, where natural law that acknowledges the sanctity of all human life is integrated into services and supports, and women, men, children, and our families and communities are further strengthened. Can you imagine it? I can. And it looks like the Guiding Star Project.

As an abortion survivor, I can only imagine how different my life, my biological mother’s life, and truly my entire family’s lives could have been, if only someone would have been there to support them 35 years ago, when instead of walking through a life-affirming center’s doors, they walked through the doors of a hospital for a saline infusion abortion. I can only imagine how different our lives could have been if only a comprehensive health center, like the model that the Guiding Star Project has boldly envisioned and is prepared to help organizations and individuals implement in their own communities, would have existed.

My life, my biological parents and their families’ lives may not have been able to be impacted by the presence of life-affirming services and supports and comprehensive health services, but other lives, other families, can be served in a way that my family was not. That’s why I am so impressed by the Guiding Star Project’s vision for bringing about a culture of life through nationwide holistic, comprehensive centers, offering life affirming services.

Thank you, Guiding Star Project for offering the vision to better serve the needs of women, children and families, and provide the opportunity for individuals and organizations to use their resources wisely to make a difference and create lasting cultural change!