Lila Rose

Founder and President of Live Action

The vision of The Guiding Star Project is to honor and empower women by establishing Centers that will teach them about their natural fertility, mothering abilities, and feminine genius. Guiding Star views women as beautiful and strong and believes that with the proper support and encouragement any woman can make decisions that better our society.

I too believe that women deserve better options than what we are currently offered at Planned Parenthood and other places that claim to serve women’s health needs. Guiding Star’s Model of cooperation between pro-women and pro-life groups meets the true healthcare needs of women in a holistic way and does not demand that they separate their femininity from their educational and career goals. By combining the specialties of many different groups in one convenient location, Guiding Star Centers will be able to help a wide variety of women and address the many needs in creating a Culture of Life.

I support the vision of The Guiding Star Project and pray that someday soon we will see these centers opening up all across this nation.

Live Action