I am Woman, LET me Roar!

Let me begin by saying that I find an amazing beauty and strength in every woman I meet.  Whether she agrees with me or not, I appreciate her “feminine genius.” There is some unique and original aspect of her womanhood that just by being herself, it jumps out to the world around her as if to say, “Here I am! I am woman!”
Feminism, specifically in our country, is a heavily laden term. It usually is weighted down with connotations of liberalism, free sexual expression, contraception, abortion, disregard for gender identity, and a career-focused (vs family-focused) mindset.   Indeed, that is quite a lot to pile on one word, but there it is.  Yet, it wasn’t always that way and many women are fighting back so that it doesn’t have to continue that way.
It seems ironic that the thing “feminists” wish to destroy (temporarily or permanently) is the only thing that women can do that men are incapable of: her fertility.  Our amazing bodies have the incredible potential of bearing the life of a new little human person within it!  In our wombs, we hold the future of humanity.  Every man or woman who is in power or cries the mantra of “contraception now! Abortion on demand!”, every single one of them, first came into being within their mothers’ wombs.  Their hearts first began to form and beat there at only 5 weeks old.
They say that pregnancy is a burden; that having a child can hold us back.  The real question is not “okay, how do we alleviate the burden”, but why?  Why is it a considered a burden?  Why would it ever hold us back – and from what?  It is only a burden because our society has deemed it so!  When we value career advancement over parenting, something is awry.  I get so sickof  hearing women say that unless we have contraception and abortion on demand, we are not truly equal.  Who exactly was fighting for WOMEN’s rights?
We were on the brink of a new era, a new generation that was open to treating women with respect and elevating her dignity.  And what did our feminist foremothers do for us?  They looked at society, at the game of life and said, “we want to play too and we can be just like you!”  No!  We do NOT want to play the game as it has always been played!  We want to change the rules!  We want a society where motherhood and feminine genius is valued, dignified and supported.  Why did they settle?  Were they so giddy at a chance to be a player in society and government that they settled for scraps and missed their God-given right to something better?  Perhaps, I shouldn’t be so critical.  Being able to be a player in the game of our world was probably more than they ever imagined.
But now, we can see further.  Perhaps, I should be thanking them.  For we have been raised in a generation that allowed women full access to education and career, we can now see a greater distance from the hilltop.  We see a world where parenthood and especially motherhood is praised, valued, a world where a baby is never seen as a burden.  It is a world where a woman can express her opinion and is not belittled and dismissed if her thoughts are not congruent with the “feminists.”  We see a world where a woman’s intuitive skill, ability to love and nurturing instincts are met with admiration and considered wisdom.  We see a world where the responsibility and duties of parenthood are not left solely in the hands of a woman; it is a world where men step up to their great masculine role of fatherhood.
We are women, LET us roar!  Let us stand as who we are, curving, flowing, life-giving and beautiful.  Don’t define us into a category, but appreciate the beauty of each individual feminine genius.  There is a world like this coming, and it has already begun.  The era of a New Feminism is beginning.
This New Feminism movement is rising – like the sun on the morning horizon.  It may begin with only a few colors, a few flickers, and the wait seems long.  But have patience!  Slow as it may seem at present, one thing is for sure: it will inevitably rise … persistent as the sun until the whole world is bathed in new light and no one remembers the darkness!  So, when you lose hope or hear more negative feminism, look to the horizon!  With the grace of God, the sun IS rising, and your new feminism warriors will be carrying the torch!




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