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About our affiliate centers

We will facilitate cooperation between many providers to better serve women and families in one convenient, professional, welcoming location.

Each Guiding Star Center contributes to a long-needed culture shift that affirms the beauty and dignity of women and their families. Each center is headed by community leaders who want to shift the cultural message from one of suppressing women to an anthem about the importance of every single soul on our planet and the threads that tie all of us together.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a Guiding Star Affiliate? Fill out our Affiliate Inquiry Form:

Affiliation Schedule

We will accept Affiliate Applications at any time of the year, however we will only consider applications received by April 1st of the current year for participation in our Spring Affiliate Cohort. 

We seek to establish more Guiding Star Centers to:

  • Overcome all forms of violence, discrimination, exploitation, and injustice towards women and children
  • Provide opportunities for community-wide education and discussion on the many complex issues challenging a life-giving society
  • Create a space dedicated solely to the protection and promotion of Life
  • Connect organizations that offer services that build up a Culture of Life by promoting emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support for life-affirming choices
  • Guide women to practical alternatives to contraception and abortion, as our centers will neither provide nor refer for these measures
  • Support women with innovative services that honor Natural Law in difficult circumstances involving fertility, pregnancy, family life, medical treatments, and end-of-life issues
  • Provide special assistance to women and families experiencing an unexpected pregnancy
  • Educate and guide women and families in the natural process of life and fertility

Who can become a Guiding Star affiliate?

There are many services that could fit effortlessly into our wholistic model of care. We enthusiastically welcome partnerships with other like-minded service providers.

If you are currently offering or have any interest in offering the following services, we would love to talk with you about becoming a Guiding Star affiliate!

  • Medical Facilities or Pharmacy
  • Infant Loss
  • Perinatal Support & Care
  • Post-abortive Counseling
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Fertility support & natural family planning
  • Breastfeeding Education and Support
  • Childbirth Education
  • Prenatal Care
  • Birthing centers
  • Midwifery Care or Doula Support
  • Lactation Counseling
  • Women’s Rights Services
  • Community Resources
  • Community Conference Space
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Early Childhood Education

New Guiding Star affiliate centers do not need to offer EVERY service

The Guiding Star affiliate model is one of flexibility. Our affiliates move forward in the path that best fits their community. Some centers bring in multiple services simultaneously at the onset, while others may take a multiphase approach.

With a multiphase approach, the affiliate center will fill an unmet need within the community, such as a maternity home, pregnancy resources center, birthing center, or a clinical space. During this time they will work on building a base of support, and continue to move forward, bringing other resources into the space as soon as development allows.

We give our Guiding Star affiliates the freedom to move forward while building relationships within their communities, because it allows them to address their local community needs while maintaining consistency within our mission and vision. While the journey may look different from city to city, all of our affiliates are working toward the same goals – serving women and families, uniting local organizations, and lighting the way to a culture of life.

The Guiding Star Project is accepting applications for new centers

Criteria for Affiliate Development
Communities will be selected for Guiding Star affiliate development by the national Board of Directors based on a set of criteria that includes, among other things: the proximity of this community to an abortion facility, local leadership, and the ability of life-affirming groups in the community to work together cooperatively.

Local Leadership
One or two people in each community are needed to serve as the project coordinator(s). This is a volunteer position and will require a strong line of communication and willingness to work directly with national leadership of The Guiding Star Project.

Gathering Resources
The Guiding Star Project will partner with the project coordinator(s) to facilitate the process of pulling together a team of local service providers who wish to incorporate together as a Guiding Star Center.

Each Guiding Star Center will legally incorporate their organization with their state. Each center will be governed by a local Board of Directors who, in turn, is governed by a binding affiliation agreement with The Guiding Star Project. This agreement outlines types of support that will be provided by The Guiding Star Project and, in exchange, expectations of the affiliate. An affiliation fee based on a scale of development milestones will also be charged on an annual basis.

Take the first step on a purposeful journey

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of a Guiding Star Center in your community, we’d love to talk with you!

Click below to fill out the Affiliate Inquiry Form:

Write to us at:
The Guiding Star Project
PO Box 238 • Ironton, MN 56455

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