Pro-Life Feminism

I feel like I’ve been carrying a secret.

I’ve worked hard to create my online “persona.” Diligently posting on my blog, commenting on other mommy bloggers sites, taking writing classes, even attending a blogging conference.

Waiting and hoping for my big break, the moment when I will make it as a writer.

And through it all, I’ve been silent.

Silent about my pro-life beliefs.

Silent about my faith.

Silent about my journey as a woman, mother, and feminist.

Because you see, the truth is–I’ve been afraid. Afraid of upsetting a potential contact. Or ruining my chances of being seen as a “real” writer. Of breaking up friendships with the cool and hip mommy bloggers out there. Being labeled (again) as that crazy pro-lifer or that bra-burning feminist.

I’ve been hiding who I am, trying to create something that I know is not completely accurate.

So here’s the truth.

I am a feminist. I believe in honoring women’s bodies. I believe in respecting the natural cycles in a woman’s life. I believe pregnancy is beautiful. I believe all women are mothers who love and nurture and make the world a better place. I believe that bringing children into the world shouldn’t be a shock to society–we should be able to combine work and motherhood and breastfeeding and grocery shopping. It’s called life. Ge over it.

I am pro-life. It hurts me to feel the animosity towards pro-lifers, because the truth is, I am pro-life because I care about women, not the other way around. I get the pro-choice arguments, I really do. I’ve taken care of a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant by a family member and felt disgusted and repelled and wished I could make it better for her. But I am pro-life because I know that abortion won’t change her situation anymore than a baby will end her life.

I have faith. Raised religious and still walking in baby steps towards God, I have struggled with admitting to the online world that I do have faith. But what am I so afraid of? Do I really think, even after giving birth to the unplanned joy of my life, that I am the in control here? What will it take for me to learn?

The time has come for me to shake off my mantle of fear.

And stand strong in the light of my beliefs.

My name is Chaunie. And I am a pro-life feminist.



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