The Art of Simplified Beauty

This morning, I happened to look down at my belly the moment the light caught my stretch marks just so, illuminating the translucent-purple lines that grace my naval and slink out across the expansion of flesh. I am not pregnant. But I have been. Seven times. My once-flat stomach has stretched itself wide over the…

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Congratulations, Pregnant Mama!

What is it about a pregnant woman that gives other people the feeling that they can just say whatever they’d like? Do they think that the woman has lost her mind and will not remember the comments? I know that most days I felt I had some pregnancy brain, but that did not decrease the sting…

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The Art of Slowing Down

Amazon recently ran a special discounting their prime membership for a year.  Knowing that Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is on it, I jumped on the good deal as a fallback for surviving the next two months of pregnancy/winter with four feral-like kids that would live outside if I let them.  That afternoon, I started a random…

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