Dear Dr. Gatter: I Can’t Promise You a Lamborghini. But I Can Promise You Your Dignity

This week’s guest post comes from And Then There Were None founder, and Guiding Star Project board member, Abby Johnson.  Dear Dr. Gatter, Listen, I can’t promise you a Lamborghini. I can’t even promise you a used Ford Focus. But I can promise you something much more valuable…your dignity. I think I know why you…

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The Thief of Joy

President Theodore Roosevelt once said,”Comparison is the thief of joy.” I have never found this to be more true than in my life as a mother. My kids recently participated in a week long summer program for kids. The program was all day for first grade and older, but only a half day for pre-k…

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Turn, Turn, Turn

Every morning it starts the same way: as soon as the first slivers of light break the horizon, my blissful sleep is interrupted with wandering hands and a sweet little voice saying “Mama, the sun’s awake. Milkies, milkies…” Soon that sweet voice dissolves into tears of frustration because the rule is “No milkies until the…

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