we're looking for a house

a house search, a request for help and a date…

We have some exciting news to share with all of you, and we have a few opportunities for you to help! Right now we are looking for a place that will serve as the Guiding Star Maternity Home to our mothers in need. We are looking to rent a home or a duplex that will meet the following needs: - 4-5 bedroom - fenced yard - safe neighborhood - 1 story If you own any rental properties that could work, we would love to speak with you! It would an incredible blessing if there is place we could have rent free or at a discounted rent so that we could direct more funds toward the women and … [Read More...]

annunciation maternity home

Our vision is clear…

Lots of things have been happening since you last heard from us!  Here’s just a little example of the work your Guiding Star Brazos Valley board of directors have been doing over the past few months: We have prayed, researched and determined that our best efforts at this time are to dedicate our work exclusively toward opening a maternity home in the Brazos Valley. We are very enthusiastic about our focus, and have met with numerous community members and organizations who are eager to see this home up and running! Over the past few months, we have met with multiple maternity homes in and … [Read More...]

guiding star brazos valley board of directors

An Update and a Request

  Our Board of Directors has been quite busy these past few months. Guiding Star Brazos Valley is clearly focused on one goal right now - to open a maternity home in Brazos Valley. As a group, we have traveled around the state, visiting existing homes, and have learned much from their directors and staff. We are very thankful for their generosity! We have also researched numerous homes across the country, collecting data, documentation and shared experiences with their leaders. We are humbled by the many good people in our world who are eager to offer truly pro-life, pro-woman … [Read More...]