5 Things I’d Rather Have Covered

Couple of links in this one…….check them all out and you’re sure to feel more passionate about the HHS contraception mandate.

Our friend Becky over at Reclaiming the Womb.com has given us permission to repost her article on things we’d rather see covered in the new healthcare mandate. We can think of a few more to add to her short list, as I’m sure you all could too, but this for sure will get you thinking on it a bit. Check out her original post here for a beautiful homebirth picture (Seriously, it’s gorgeous.) and a great Sigmund Freud quote on sexual perversion (It’s great too.)

 And just in case you’re interested, I recently did a similar post over at Ignitum Today about why I oppose the HHS contraceptive mandate and even posted my very first YouTube video to go with it. If you’d like to hear my talking points about why this is just bad medicine, feel free to check it out.

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  1. Thank you, Leah. I love your post at Ignitum, BTW, and your YouTube video is spot on! Great job across the board. Keep it up.

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