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Hello, and thank you for visiting our site to learn more about The Guiding Star Project. My name is Leah… [keep reading]

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We are working to create centers all across this nation that will promote an uplifting, alternative… [keep reading]

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The Guiding Star Project honors the Natural Law ethic; a way of life which is given to us by the Creator… [keep reading]

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Our mission is to establish comprehensive centers nationwide for women and families that uphold Natural… [keep reading]

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porn stats

Porn is NOT liberation; it is Exploitation

I recently came across the Piers Morgan interview with a Duke University student who has been living a double life as a college student and porn star. This young lady, Miriam Weeks, says she has been working in the sex industry to help pay for her college tuition, but that she would choose this lifestyle regardless of financial need. She says she loves the support and understanding she has received from fellow sex workers... [Read more...]

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The Truth About Sexual Violence

How can we support survivors of sexual assault while encouraging the rehabilitation of sexual assault offenders? The above question has been plaguing me since I started writing this post weeks ago. It follows that supporting survivors and dismantling rape culture would include rehabilitation and counseling for offenders, as well as understanding offender demographics, but how can we accomplish that without minimizing... [Read more...]

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

In general, there are few things that can entice me to grocery shop with all of my kids in tow, for obvious reasons, but deals too good to pass up is one of them.  Our local grocery store has a “Dollar Day” four times a year.  I prep my list the night before, bring a snack to shamelessly bribe the kids with post-trip, say a prayer, and hope for the best. A few weeks ago, I strapped on my ten month old,... [Read more...]

Ms. Rexann Hammons

What about when my body DOES have problems? An interview with Rexann Hammons.

Our culture likes to paint the female body as an oppressor, a sinister villain opposed to all the dreams that women have for themselves. It is the nemesis who cunningly tries to foil all our chances at equality by menstruating, gestating, and lactating. In this scenario, birth control pills and devices, and abortions are the necessary liberators that will free women from the burden of being themselves. In opposition to... [Read more...]

Body Image

Getting Closer to a Healthier Body Image

I dislike my body. After four children, things are not exactly where they used to be. Things are bigger, other things are smaller, others are misshapen. It certainly isn’t he body I used to have. I’m jealous of women who bounce right back to their pre-pregnancy body. We all know someone who seems to miraculously melt off their baby weight overnight. And truth be told, I was once that woman. After my first pregnancy,... [Read more...]

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